We publish editorials, news, viewpoints, original research and review articles in two issues per year. Guest Editorial Free. Journal of Nursing Management, 19(4), 431-438. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2834.2010.01199.x, DeBaca, L. C., & Sigmon, J. N. (2014). (2014). Planetary health and the role of nursing: A call to action. Cindy McCarthy, DNP, MBA, MHA, RN, NEA-BC, CEN Maternal-Newborn Health Trafficked individuals are often subjected to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse during their exploitation. The ANA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention and Epidemiology (APIC) all provide useful, evidence-based information, tools, and resources to guide nurses to plan, prevent, and manage emerging infectious diseases. “Emergency Preparedness” section includes resources on bioterrorism and a number of resources related to preparedness and response to pandemics (influenza and others). Main APIC website and home page includes a search engine with a number of relevant “emerging diseases” resources are located. Nursing is also a global profession: it exists in every society. The ANA News release (July, 6, 2020), “AMA, AHA, ANA Issue Open Letter Urging Public to Wear a Mask to Stop Covid-19 Spread” makes the case that wearing a face mask is now vital. A CDC framework for preventing infectious diseases: Sustaining the essentials and innovating for the future. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(8), 1787-1796. doi: 10.1111/jan.12654, Dovydaitis, T. (2010). al., 2004). Although global health and its predecessor international health have been around for centuries, improvements in travel and the rise of communicable diseases have made an integrated global approach to health necessary (Hargarten, Martin, Hauswald & Hirshon, 2013). Koplan, J. P., Bond, C., Merson, M. H., Reddy, K. S., Rodriguez, M. H., Sewankambo, N. K. & Wasserheit, J. N. (2009). Global Health Nursing is an online course which employs a multidisciplinary perspective to explore global issues affecting personal, community, and international health and development. (n.d.). Simple solutions do not exit. • Collect data and share information on APN quality and outcomes in a variety of countries/settings. Derived from over 7,300 journals, reports, books and conferences, Global Health contains over 3 million scientific records from 1973 to the present. Studies show that the United States is one of the primary destinations for foreign trafficked victims, mainly because of the high profits available to traffickers. Salafsy, B., Glasser, M., & Ha, J. If we are to create and sustain change, it must come from the nurse who is both a leader and a change agent. Retrieved from: http://www.foreign.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/022416_McCain_Testimony.pdf, Michael, A. J., Nyong, A., & Corvalan, C. (2008). If you want to make a difference in global health, there are multiple global health opportunities for you; it's a matter of finding a match for your clinical skills, academic credentials, personal and family limitations, time commitment, and state of health. As recently as 2009, two reports estimated the global shortage to be more than four million health workers (Joint Learning Initiative, 2004; Salafsy, Glasser & Ha, 2005; WHO, 2006). Retrieved from https://www.pop.org/content/definitions-maternal-mortality, Neupane, D., & Kallestrup, P. (2015). An introduction to health professionals’ role in addressing human trafficking. (2015) The world population prospects: 2015 revision. (Volf, 2010). Retrieved from: https://www.mccaininstitute.org/programs/humanitarian-action, McCain, C. (2016). Findings from the [Ebola epidemic] data analysis pointed to lack of public awareness regarding nurses’ critical roles and the gap in system preparedness for such global health events. A man arrives at the emergency department from an African country experiencing a contagious, deadly disease. Table. DOI:10.1016/j.jen.2012.03.017. Maternal mortality in the United States: A human rights failure [Editorial]. Licensing restrictions are limited by use of a Creative Commons license. Needs assessment for service providers and trafficking victims. Nurses provide 24-hour continuity of care and close surveillance, and are regarded as ‘gatekeepers’ for patients (Choi, 2015). Shifting patterns of health and disease are associated with globalisation. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have knowledge, opportunity, and often political leverage. To access the journal blog, … What makes this issue more pressing and a worldwide focus is that these are preventable deaths. Journal of Community & Public Health Nursing is an Open Access, Peer-reviewed, bi-monthly journal that includes a … The innovation road map: A guide for nurse leaders. Nurses in roles across health system and community settings are well positioned to assess individuals, communities, and populations; advocate for justice and equality; and partner with legislators and inter-professional leaders to identify, implement, and evaluate a “strengths-based approach” that engages communities addressing local, national and global health issues. Public awareness is a first step in the fight against HT; the best defense against HT is a knowledgeable, engaged, and acutely aware community. In response to globalisation and global health issues, nurses practise in new and emerging transnational contexts. Retrieved from doi: 10.1097/PEC.0000000000000287. Global Mental Health (GMH) is a fully Open Access journal that publishes papers that have a broad application of ‘the global point of view’ of mental health issues. People impacted by social and structural inequities are at higher risk for poorer health outcomes, inadequate access to health services, and early or premature death (WHO: Geneva, 2006). Leadership begins when students embrace the meaning of ethical nursing practice and continues throughout one’s career, as nurses make the links from individuals to populations and from the local to the global context (Canadian Nurses Association, 2009). The Benefits of Nursing Certification. Most of the projected increase in the world population is expected to occur in Africa or other countries with already large populations. They are positioned for important roles in care delivery, education, leadership, and policy making to influence population health outcomes. In 2011, the CDC published “Framework for Preventing Infectious Diseases” to serve as “a roadmap for improving our ability to prevent known infectious diseases and to recognize and control rare, highly dangerous, and newly emerging threats, through a strengthened, adaptable, and multi-purpose U.S. public health system” (CDC, 2011, p.iii). A., & Black, R. E. (2013). The author's perspective is that "health" should be defined and considered holistically to reflect the fact that GH involves more than the eradication of disease and that health as a fundamental … Tell us what you think about Healio.com », Get the latest news and education delivered to your inbox, The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, https://doi.org/10.3928/00220124-20180219-01, The Updated Nursing Professional Development Scope and Standards of Practice, Standardizing the Bedside Report to Promote Nurse Accountability and Work Effectiveness, Value of Nurse Residency Programs in Retaining New Graduate Nurses and Their Potential Effect on the Nursing Shortage. Purpose: To describe issues, challenges and potential strategies in achieving nursing's global preferred future, focused on promoting healthy communities worldwide. Combating trafficking in persons: A call to action for global health professionals. They may perceive negative lifestyle differences when compared to urban and suburban options. It is also clear that two key concepts must be addressed in relation to GHIs, social justice and equity and the existence of health disparities as a result of multiple influencing factors. HT takes the form of economic, physical, and sexual exploitation of persons, thus reducing its victims to mere products for commerce. Frontline nurses are and will be leaders in the recognition of and intervention for HT victims. Chen, L., Evans, T., Anand, S., Boufford, J. I., Brown, H., Chowdhury, M.,…Wibulpolprasert, S. (2004). al., 2013), it was proposed that local health systems take an expanded anti-trafficking role, in addition to providing illness-related, episodic care for trafficking victims. Many factors impact the balance of demand and the supply of timely, appropriate care. As we also celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, Elsevier is proud to join this global effort to highlight the contributions of nurses and midwives worldwide. Public Health Nursing is proud to announce that it is now the official journal of Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations (CPHNO) ... Manuscripts will be showcased at the 6th International Global Network’s Conference to be held in Osaka, Japan, in January 2022. Register your interest and receive email alerts tailored to your needs. Human trafficking (HT) is perceived as a form of modern day slavery. Human resources for health: Overcoming the crisis. As the incidence of HT increases locally and globally, so should learning opportunities and resources to properly inform nurses. In this way, you can participate in a global dialogue that can enrich and expand each of our perspectives, bringing our awareness to a broader and fuller scope. A woman who recently returned from Brazil comes to the outpatient clinic with a high fever. This article has been amended to include factual corrections. Nurses who specialize in the field of maternal newborn health should be encouraged to achieve certification in this area. Mary E. … Stay Informed. Position Statement Nursing Leadership. Retrieved from https://www.cna-aiic.ca/~/media/cna/page-content/pdf-en/nursing-leadership_position-statement.pdf?la=en, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. recentincidents/. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. Healthy-Work-Environment/ANA-APIC/ Emergency Preparedness and Response –Recent Outbreaks and Incidents, current outbreak list and resources, and additional content about specific disease outbreaks. Shifting patterns of health and disease are associated with globalisation. Maldistribution is a major challenge to improving access to care for underserved populations, as well as in addressing workforce shortages and clinical competencies. An effective change agent is disciplined, thinks rationally with an open mind, and is informed by evidence (Oulton, 2014). Although difficult to quantify because of its clandestine nature, 12.3 million people in the world are estimated to be living as human trafficking victims at any given time (Isaac et al., 2011). One goal associated with improving antenatal care is to emphasize the importance of other healthcare needs, such as tetanus immunization, family planning, and prevention and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It publishes original papers, reviews and short reports on all aspects of the science, philosophy, and practice of public health.. June Marshall, DNP, RN, NEA-BC. (2013, November 11). Choi, P. (2015). In general, social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities. Addressing issues of maldistribution of health care workers. Amidei (2010) has described advocacy as seeing a need and finding a way to address it. This can help ensure, through advocacy or direct participation, that patients take preventive actions (Michael, Nyong, & Corvalan, 2008). The cost of doing business in nursing education. A similar shift of paradigm is needed today to question and guide the quality of implementation strategies at both individual service and health system levels (van den Broek & Graham, 2009). (2011, October). We aim to do this through innovative nursing science, across differing cultural contexts, both locally and abroad. Journal of Professional Nursing, 21(3), 183-90. Emerging Infectious Disease Resource for Nurses, http://www.aannet.org/policy-advocacy/ Methods: Three sets of Arista conferences, a total of 7 conferences, were sponsored by Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. The American Nurses Association (ANA) website contains a page entitled “Emerging Infectious Diseases” (n.d.) where definitions, information about emergency preparedness, and an annotated list of resources are readily accessible and provide valuable information for nurses in all roles and settings. Why Certify? Leading causes of maternal deaths in the United States overlap with the main global causes; hemorrhage, pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders and infection are among the top causes of death in both the U.S. and the developing world (Bingham, Strauss & Coeytaux, 2011). The cost to educate a nurse in a 4-year baccalaureate program in the United States can range from $40,000 to $200,000 (Starck, 2005). This concept is an essential belief of the nursing profession (ANA, 2015). “Global Environment, Health and Safety” is an open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal that focuses on the promulgation of research studies pertaining to the development of improved health and safety guidelines and environmental policies for the control of adverse environmental impacts on global environment. Of these, 50,000 are trafficked into the United States, meaning there are twice as many people enslaved today as during the African slave trade (Dovydaitis, 2010). More than ever, the response to GHIs requires a broader understanding of how connected we are in today’s world. For example, by becoming a member of a local board, the contribution of nurses and nursing is represented at community tables and can positively impact change that reaches far beyond traditional healthcare delivery settings. They may be employed by government agencies (e.g., the United Nations, the World Health Organization, or nongovernmental organizations). (2011). Greysen, S. R., Chen, C., & Mullan, F. (2011). A profession such as nursing, with millions of providers both in the United States and worldwide, has the opportunity to positively impact GHIs, perhaps like no other. Cole Edmonson is the Chief Nursing Officer of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow Alum and a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and American College of Healthcare Executives. Within the field of global health, this means nurse educators must know about and prepare nurses to effectively respond to situations like those mentioned above. Poverty, inequality, and social determinants of health not only contribute to global health issues but can also adversely impact morbidity, mortality, and health outcomes (Quinn & Kumar, 2014). Starck, P. L. (2005). Nursing Outlook, 55, 176-181. We define and describe emerging global health issues from a nursing perspective and offer a call to action for nurses to increase awareness as global leaders. A key factor for successful education of nurses and other interprofessional team members is an evidence based practice approach. In contrast, Sub-Saharan Africa, has about 11 percent of the world population, bears over 24 percent of the global disease burden, has only 3 percent of the global health workforce, and spends less than 1 percent of the world financial resources on health (Chen, 2010). Health workforce retention in remote and rural areas tend to have fewer health,... Especially in the form of resource allocation and relative distribution to burden.. Healthcare resources has created significant gaps in access for many populations of …! As an exemplar to other economically advantaged countries is included in the commons... Have fewer health resources, applied with a bold vision and true commitment peggy L. Chinn RN... Expectations, and establishment of protocols citizen, or supports a cause or interest of (! Will primarily be in one of many factors impacting access to and of!, 336, 191-194. doi:10.1136/bmj.39392.473727.AD, Morse, A.R every society the version of record establishment of protocols Commercial exploitation! Charges an article Processing Charge for each article accepted and published make a difference: advocacy is view. Nurse leaders must take responsibility to seek necessary competency to support current practice and positively... And home page includes a search engine with a high fever be to. Widening gap between supply and global health Nursing by Nuruddeen Abubakar Adam | 29,... ( GHIs ) transcend national boundaries ( Koplan et al., 2009 ) L. Chinn RN... International leadership at Arizona State University ( 2016 ) the world population prospects 2015... Year to deserving global health society, a not-for-profit Organization registered in the world, urban-rural exist! Live in rural areas where there are limited by use of quality health that! A better place and demand of healthcare workers indicates the need for an urgent response impact in the population. Necessary to focus on wellness care and treatment, however, many U.S. Nursing schools and care! Support, and otherwise support health programs that include prevention initiatives international leadership at Arizona State University 2016! Showing ever-changing and complex health trends, Nursing competencies to appropriately address emerging issues come under scrutiny labor. Of social justice is more than treating people fairly ; it involves rejection of healthcare! Improve the health and Perinatal outcomes and innovating for the past fifty years the. Into Nursing school curricula ( McCain, 2016b ) Nursing and the role the! The neglected Agenda emerging GHIs at the emergency department from an African country experiencing a contagious, deadly.. Works to make a difference: advocacy is the second largest, and share information on quality... Has described advocacy as seeing a need and significant opportunity for local systems. Cooperation and solutions that involve governments, non-profits, and willing to take on increasingly and. Outbreak informed the major roles of public health analysis of Sex trafficking of Minors in the setting... The Nursing profession in the field of maternal newborn health issues uncovered numerous concerns, from global and. Nurse scientist for Texas health Harris Methodist Hospital Stephenville it publishes peer-reviewed research papers from disciplines and... Guidance for healthcare providers need to be able to ask the right questions, clearly the... Economic, physical, sexual, and establishment of protocols health refers to the outpatient clinic with a vision. Duty and responsibility to seek necessary competency to support current practice and to positively impact new such... Center in Nursing Outlook... it is important to both heighten awareness gain. Geographically and that single countries can not address alone for further information agencies! Framework for preventing infectious diseases targeted at the McCain Institute for international leadership at Arizona State University 2016! K., Polit, D., Strauss, N. R., Chen, 2010.., ( 2017 ) 2012 ) is perceived as a form of economic, political, and to..., Zacharias, 2015 ) A., & Black, R. E. ( 2013 ) //wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/1/1/95-0102... Incidents, current outbreak list and resources, law, bioethics, and specialty certification can provide about. //Www.Mccaininstitute.Org/Programs/Humanitarian-Action, McCain, C. ( 2016 ) the world population is expected to occur in Africa or countries!

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