Rather than thinking about... 2. Be honest (don't play games, lie, or manipulate). When you're in love, you'll take on new characteristics. Without meaning to sound morbid, we really only have a limited amount of time with the ones we love, so it’s important to never go a day without reminding them that they’re loved. With love comes the security of someone having your back. Because: consent, consent, consent. God damn if it doesn’t feel good to tell someone you love them. It’s something we’ve all done, madly in love. 2. Good coffee 3. Get active if you love an Aries… An Aries partner is a very physically active sign. Fireworks. No-bake cookies 12. Go on a fast food frenzy. Without that desire, you’re like very close friends. Like, what if you’re sure — you know that it’s not just that your partner expresses love differently from you, but that you don’t quite light fireworks in their chest the way you’d like to? Be honest. Give it time. To be clear, this is not a “100 things to do before you die” or ‘100 things to do in life” bucket list. It would be a waste to not fuck like a porn star when you’re in love, so go wild, because the person who loves you will make you feel the most comfortable. Go to a farmer's market. Snuggling 6. Be your worst... 2. We mean, keep yourself busy; just not to the point where you don’t even have time for the people that love you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t fall in love all that often. Accept that you aren’t perfect by not pretending that you are. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and be done with secrets. Stay home and watch TV together, and fall asleep right where you are, all cuddled up and with popcorn in your hair. You'll find yourself developing different tastes and things like your sense of humor and style may change slightly. Movies. Sing in the shower. April is here and love is in the air. You’re interested in new things. When I thought about writing the following list, it occurred to me that everything on it could be creepy if taken out-of-context. All the time. Develop your interests. Be yourself. Random acts of kindness 7. If it involves some couples therapy to make things get back on track, then that's what you do. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Keep in mind that you’re undoing millions of years of human conditioning. … So now that you’re more comfortable with the fact that the river flows on its own (see point 10), and you’re more at ease in flowing with it without getting stuck: Stay awake and aware. 5. Mac and Cheese 9. Specifically: Give Me Love. Easy gags aside, a digital rendezvous is the safest option if you’re looking to go on a date with someone you don’t actually live with. Accept that you aren’t perfect by not pretending that you are. It’s important to … Leonardo DiCaprio 14. Show up for them. Don’t make them feel bad for not being what you need. 5. It might not even be a huge deal, but the deception … 7 Weird Things You Do When You're Falling In Love. Take good care of yourself so you can be a strong partner. But … There’s nothing wrong with … 17 Ridiculous Things You Do When You're In Love 1. The smell after it rains 15. Be your best self. You wake up and go to sleep thinking about someone else. There are, however, some indicators that are true for many of us and these can be a good starting point. Be your worst self. It is, however, a good list of what we should do when we love our partners. “You want to be intimate with someone you're in love with; kiss them, cuddle them, and have sex with them,” says Engle. Don’t try to make them be who you need. Make time for them where you give your undivided attention. Especially as you wake up and go to bed. You may unsubscribe at any time. When there is nothing to propel us from point A to point B, we are feeling stuck in life and not sure what to do to change things. Love is beautiful and love is bizarre. 5 Things You Should Do When You’re In Love 1. If all else fails, don't force yourself to commit to someone. Being sick and miserable. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through your local farmer's market, grab a bouquet of fresh flowers, and find some new produce that you have never cooked with before. #48. 37 Things to Do Alone Fun Things to Do Alone. (That just happen to be about them.) Acceptance. 3. You’re madly in love, so you end up imagining yourselves as the main leads of all romantic films and begin drawing parallels between your life and the romantic story you just saw. #Perspective. You make small hearts and write your names in fancy fonts. You’re willing to do anything for them. You go into some weird stalker mode where you creep pictures you've... 3. How do you know when you’re in love? Libraries 8. YOU are the love of your life. Learn about us. Falling in love is like going to Disneyland–it’s only going to happen once or twice in your life (if ever), and you’re going to want to get on that Indiana Jones ride as many times as possible before you have to leave. By Rachel Sanoff. When you’re in love you’re a willow in the wind–you’re rooted in the ground but you move so as not to break under the pressure of the forces around you. Everyone’s relationship differs, and there’s most certainly a lot of important things that go into having a successful relationship, but here are 5 essential things you should do in order to fully take advantage of being in love…, 7 Perspectives On Love From A Difficult Woman, The Truth About Intimacy And HS, From Someone Who Has Had It For 23 Years, Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Falls In Love The Fastest, 30 Perfect Quotes To Remind You Exactly Why You Fell In Love, 7 Realities That Challenge What You Think You Know About Dating, The 100 All-Time Greatest Quotes About Falling In Love, 10 Priceless Pieces Of Marriage Advice You Only Realize After You’ve Been Married. Like many things ‘Universe’ there is no straight answer to this, it’s a very personal thing. Unexpected friendships. But don’t just tell them; show them. Say It. Be your best self. So, when you love someone, you should… Tell them. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships–tell everyone you love that you love them as much and as often as possible. Tidy your room. The beach at sunrise and sunset. Understand that love may be unconditional, but the relationship isn’t. Any time. Order and inhale Domino’s Parmesan Bread Bites and Cinna Stix in addition to the deep-dish pizza. Falling in love allows us to experience what we call feel-good chemicals, which put us in a happy state of mind. Have your own interests so that they don’t have to provide you with an identity. Though being happy with the relationship you have and the person that you are is essential, being with your loved one should make you want to take your life to the next level and to be the best person you can possibly be—eventually. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. And to have someone tell you they love you. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. With love comes the security of someone having your back. If they just aren’t for you? For two people who are ostensibly different, there will be times when one needs something the other needs to bend to accomodate. Apologize when you do something wrong. This doesn’t just apply to new sensations in your world, but in the literal sense. Confront problems with them rather than seeing them as the problem. You creep the other person HARD on social media. The list of things you aren’t willing to do for the person may … The Science Behind Love. If you’re really in love, then you shouldn't just be completely comfortable in your status quo, even if you’re very content with your loved one. #46. Don’t use them. When you’re in love, you should be honest–unclench, relax, relish in being as real and free as you are. If you love making music (or trying to), you’d probably rather do this when you’re home alone anyway. This is strange at first. You should never have to change yourself but you should always be ready to compromise. It means that you can try all the filthy things you fancy, make all your naughtiest dreams come true in an environment and with a person that you trust and can communicate with. They will be at the … When you're really in love, you don't half-ass, it, you stick to your guns and make it work. Self love is important, but … Engage in opportunities that draw you. #47. Write a song. Cozy coffee shops 10. You sing. Love may come easily to us, but it does need to be nurtured. Sep. 14, 2016. Notice what’s around you. Practice playing a particular song, so you can perform for an at-home audience when you’re not alone. Have personal “in” jokes. Be faithful (don’t cheat or flirt with cheating). By Molly Rosen Gu y. April 5, 2016. falling in love. We all experience moments in our lives when there seems to be zero momentum. Accept that they aren’t perfect. 2. You can't stop staring at them. (Don’t tolerate abuse. Be Honest. “Love means being selfless because someone is more important to you than you. Book in for a good old-fashioned video call. BREATHWORK. If you’re willing to sacrifice what you want for someone else that’s the most prevalent sign of love. So if you find that you’re okay with compromising to see another person happy, you’re in love,” says Cohen. "Focus on building a community based solely on your interests, and don't be afraid to try new things! Nothing hurts a relationship like a lie. Don’t forget that you need to love yourself. This isn’t for unrequited love, love from afar, or for relationships that are over. Don’t cling on to the idea that something might work out in the future. 6 Signs You’ve Found a Healthy and Secure Partner, 4 Sexual Traits Found In Long-Term Successful Relationships, 5 of The Most Underrated and Sexiest Qualities In a Guy, 3 Clear Signs You Need To Reparent Yourself As An Adult. You make funny cartoons and give them your names. Listen to a motivational podcast. Be yourself. Drive Around Oahu (Circle Island Tour) You don’t need to force yourself to stay indoors if you have a … 16. Fart. Don’t hurt them by trying not to hurt them. ). Bookstores 4. Spring Fever: 6 Things Not to Do When You’re Falling in Love. When you’re in love, your brain releases euphoria, which can occur at various times throughout your cycle of love, and helps you solidify the bond between you and your partner. Skillshare has some great online courses to learn about everything from photography to bookkeeping to building a brand. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. If your partner has ever caught you staring at them lovingly, it could … When you’re falling in love, you feel so happy and carefree, you can’t always keep it inside. The smell of a new book 11. And if you don’t love someone? Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Those that love you will be there to see your failures and encourage you to get back out there. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the most enjoyable when you’re in love. If you find yourself amongst the stuck, here are 5 things to do in order to get your life back on track and moving once again in the right direction! This isn’t a stalker’s guide to expressing affection. And to have someone tell you they love you. Don’t Force It. Depending on your chosen instrument, you can probably find some YouTube tutorials to help you lean a song you’ll enjoy playing. Cleaning and de-cluttering your room will help you feel more organized. 14 Let things emerge and unfold. Love is your safe word. 50 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored. Bear hugs 13. 3. Take an online course. Let’s take a look… You love who you are. So, let me begin by saying that this list is for when we love someone and are in a partnered relationship with them. Singing at the top of my lungs 17. This is an activity I sometimes do with my friends, we write down a sort of 2021 bucket list, including items of things to do in the coming year. Buy your love’s favorite chips on the way home from work. Put them on your list of good things, not on your list of obligations. Just find ways to stop yourself from … If we neglect it, we can’t expect it to stick around or grow stronger. Take a moment in the morning before you wake them to lie awake, with your eyes closed, in a bed, in a room, with someone that fills your heart with glee. When you're in love, you'll find yourself changing. You may love them, but you’re not in love.” While that passion is primarily emotional, often it can take the form of physical (that is, sexual) passion. Again, you’re not alone, you’re not a failure, and you do have hope for being in a loving, rewarding romantic partnership. You’re willing to sacrifice for them. God damn if it doesn’t feel good to tell someone you love them. Have friends so they don’t have to be your full support system. Here are 100 things I love: 1. Listen to a lot of George Harrison (but do skip his Travelling Wilburys phase.) If there’s something on the list we’re not doing, we may want to consider how we can work on this area — whether on our own or with the help of counseling. But instead, it is a list of fun things to do in 2021 only. 1. Small things, like your tastes, as well as big matters, like your life priorities, will alter when you're with your partner.

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